South Portland

Friday, August 26th

Choosing to believe our eyes instead of the weather forecast, we ended up leaving Boothbay Harbor after all. The sun was shining and the wind had been flat calm much of the night and all morning.

Of course, we knew that could change. But with only 11 miles of open ocean between Cape Newagen at the tip of Southport Island, and Small Point at the Eastern edge of Casco Bay, and after a calm night, we figured it was worth trying.

The gamble paid off. We had a little rain, the winds did eventually pick up, and there were some choppy seas in spots, but nothing we couldn’t handle for a few hours. In the end, we didn’t even need to duck behind any of the Calendar Islands in Casco Bay. We set a more direct course for the Fore River between Portland and South Portland, for a total distance today of 34 miles.

We called ahead, and were fortunate to be able to reserve one of the last available slips in South Port Marina, on the South Portland side just before the Casco Bay Bridge. This puts us farther from the action in Portland, but this marina is better protected from the incessant wakes around the city waterfront.
South Port Marina

From this side of the river there’s a nice view of Portland Harbor and the city skyline.
Portland Skyline

At this point the plan is to relax here overnight and get an early start in the morning. With any luck we could close the loop tomorrow!

  • Miles traveled: 2190
  • Engine Hours: 313.0