Day 14 – Ft Walton to Panama City

As the sun rose over Fort Walton on Wednesday, March 15th…Ft Walton Sunrise

The moon was starting to set.Moon at Ft Walton

Today’s stretch of the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway (ICW) covered a lot of inland, man-made canals.  They appeared to have been dug out of sand and soft rock, with the spoils piled high along the banks.Gulf ICW

Here at sea level (there are no locks along this stretch) we noticed that, on the land beyond the spoils piles, the tops of the trees were barely visible.  This is truly low-lying ground.Gulf ICW

In the open-water sections, we noticed more dolphins.  Again they’d head toward the boat, sometimes jump out of the water, then disappear.  This time we were ready.  In this shot, you can barely make out the horizontal tail, just off the bow.Gulf ICW Dolphins

Our anchorage for the night was at Walker Bayou, East of Panama City.Walker Bayou, Panama City

Today we made 75 nautical miles, for a trip total of 805 miles so far.Day 14 Track

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