Day 25 – Clewiston to Stuart

On Sunday, March 26th we started early again and soon turned toward Lake Okeechobee.Lake OkeechobeeLake Okeechobee

Before long we were leaving the swamp behind and heading out on the open lake.Lake Okeechobee

After an uneventful crossing, we found the Mayaca Lock at the far end of the lake was open for a clear pass-through.Port Mayaca Lock

The last lock at the St. Lucie River brought us back to sea level.  Actually, even though we’d crossed the Florida Peninsula, we’d never gotten more than about 12 feet above sea level.St. Lucie Lock

Our final stop was an anchorage in Stuart called Manatee Pocket, filled with both transients like us, and a few boats which had been there all season, from as far away as Canada.Manatee Pocket

On Day 25 we’d traveled 48 nautical miles for a trip total of 1273 miles.

Manatee Pocket was also my last stop before flying home, while the convoy would continue up the Atlantic coast, with more boats joining along the way.Bahama Banks

The plane passed over the Bahama Banks, and much of the Atlantic ICW on the way home.  Maybe next time…

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