Just for fun, we bought a cheap knock-off of a GoPro camera before leaving, along with a waterproof case. With some modification, the case is mounted forward of the flybridge on Cygnus, with a USB cord pulled through the windshield to power it. With this arrangement, we’ve been able to capture stills every 30 seconds while underway.

Since we never got the memo that says GoPro users are only supposed to use Apple computers, not Windows machines, we’ve had some trouble stitching these stills into usable videos. However, after digging up an old freeware application that can make the videos, and a web site that can convert them to .mp4 files of manageable size, I think we’re at a point where we can start putting it all together.

The clips are being grouped by region on the pages below.

Long Island Sound and New York City

Hudson River to Albany

Albany to Lake Champlain

Chambly Canal and Richelieu River

St. Lawrence River

The Gaspésie

New Brunswick


Nova Scotia North

Nova Scotia South

Maine Westbound