Day 1 – Chattanooga to Raccoon Creek

We got underway Thursday, March 2nd, leaving Lakeshore Marina in Chattanooga under clear skies.Leaving Chattanooga

Our first lock, Chickamauga, was only a few hundred yards downstream from the marina.

Chickamauga Lock

When the lock gates opened, we felt we were finally underway.

Chickamauga Lock

Our route took us along the winding Tennessee River, swollen and swift from the recent rains.

Tennessee River

Before long, the river widened into Nickajack Lake and we passed through the lock at the Nickajack Dam.

Nickajack Lock

Within an hour of leaving Nickajack, we’d crossed the border into Alabama.  We stopped for the night a couple of hours later, at an anchorage called Raccoon Creek.

Raccoon Creek

On Day 1, we made 65.2 nautical miles.

Day 1 Track

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