Albany, NY

Friday, June 10th

About the only place in the Albany area for transient boaters is the Albany Yacht Club, which is actually across the river in Rensselear.


This is a very friendly and down-to-earth club. As it turned out, Friday night dinner at the club this week was grilled lobster tail. For $12.50 each we couldn’t turn that down. And with $3 drinks at the bar, well…

Cygnus at AYC

The club has had a large number of “Loopers” passing through this week, on their way along the Great Loop. We haven’t heard of any other Downeast Loopers though.

The Great Loopers will be turning left soon, on their way up the Waterford Flight and along the Erie Canal. Here at the club we were able to purchase our permit for the Champlain Canal, and pick up some more information about that section of the trip.

The wind, while still stiff, was more Westerly when we tied up on the West face of the outside dock at AYC. It was nice to get a little help from the wind this time, after days of fighting it.

  • Miles travelled: 424.5
  • Engine Hours: 64

2 thoughts on “Albany, NY”

  1. Say hello to my old stomping grounds this morning!! I see you’re in Schuylerville! That river that flows in just to your east is the Battenkill here I learned to fish, and right by the mouth of the Batenkill is the paper company my Dad worked for! Sounds like you are having fun!

    1. Cool! Yes, we passed Schuylerville. We talked about stopping there but the schedule didn’t work out. There are so many old factories of all kinds along this route. It’s an amazing area!

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