Back in the Water

Wednesday, August 17th

There was some shuffling of boats around the yard at Moose Island today, as two boats went in and one came out.
TravelLift Launching the First Boat

The TravelLift came for Cygnus last, since we still had a few more steps that needed to be performed.
TravelLift Starting Out with Cygnus

Then, down to the water!
Down to the Water

And back in…
Back in the Water

After some testing at the dock, a brief sea trial and some final adjustments, everything seems to be performing perfectly.

With last night’s stormy weather still subsiding, and about six hours of travel time to our next destination, we’ve decided to stay at the dock overnight. Looking at the tides, tomorrow’s departure will be a late one, to avoid the flood current at Lubec Narrows, which can run up to several knots against us.

Some of the crew is happy about this schedule. We’ll see if that’s still the case if the afternoon southwesterlies kick up.