Natal Day in Nova Scotia

Monday, August 1st

We spent an uneventful night at the wharf in Clark’s Harbor after watching another great sunset from our deck.
Sunset in Clark's Harbor

We were a little surprised by the activity on the wharves late into Sunday night. It turns out the first Monday in August is Natal Day in Nova Scotia, so for a lot of folks it was a long weekend.

One of the interesting things along this trip has been the way the lobster traps in each area are a little different. From the bowed wooden traps in George’s Bay to these wire traps held together with pot warp.
Lobster Traps in Clark's Harbor

Along the way, we passed Pubnico Point, site of a FPL/NextEra wind farm:

Pubnico Point Wind Farm

After just 36 miles with light winds, calm seas and no fog, we arrived in Yarmouth at Killam’s Marina, where we’re tied up next to the H?k?le?a, a performance-accurate full-scale replica of a wa?a kaulua, a Polynesian double-hulled voyaging canoe.

Tied up in Yarmouth

  • Miles traveled: 1904
  • Engine Hours: 272.5

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  1. Looks like I inadvertently wished you bag luck. My apologies. But at least you all got across the bay before things went haywire.

    1. Yes, we were fortunate to make it to a port in Maine before having this problem!

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