Yarmouth Day 2

Tuesday, August 2nd

Day two in Yarmouth, just taking it easy. Although Yarmouth is a bit bigger than many other Nova Scotia ports, it’s still a working harbor. There are lots of large fishing boats coming and going, and a huge ice plant a couple of blocks down from our dock.

We’re starting to see the famous Bay of Fundy tides, which can range up to 15 feet here. We’re on a floating dock, which makes tying up easier, but the fishing wharves don’t usually have floats. This photo was taken a couple of hours before low tide:
Yarmouth Fishing Wharf

This is also where “The Cat” ferry from Portland, Maine stops overnight. She leaves Portland at around 2:30 PM and arrives here around 8 PM.
Cat Arriving in Yarmouth

The Cat got underway around 8 AM. If we could sneak a tow line onto her, we could be back in Portland by 1:30 PM!
Cat Getting Underway

We hope to leave before The Cat tomorrow, on our way to Tiverton.

Until then, you can see Cygnus live on the Killam’s Wharf Web Cam.
Cygnus at Killam's Wharf