On the Road Again…

Sunday, August 14th

The lawn is mowed, yard work is all done, laundry is clean, some minor home repairs complete, provisions have been purchased, and visiting with friends and family was nice.

It’s time to get back to the boat!

We’re driving up today with the new reduction gear. The rest of the parts should already be at the shop. The boatyard has completed flushing the old transmission cooler and verifying the shaft is not out of spec. Tomorrow the re-install and re-alignment should begin.

We already know there’s no internet or cell service at the boatyard, nor probably at our next stop. We’ll keep the InReach track current and post again when we’re farther down the coast.

One thought on “On the Road Again…”

  1. WOW…. What an adventure I am glad that all is well and that the Transmission EVENT is going well and that the timing worked for you…

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