Parts, rebuilt and new

Tuesday, August 9th

We picked up the rebuilt transmission today and left the old one.
New Transmission

The original plan was to haul it up to Eastport to get everything re-installed as quickly as possible.

One snag: The flexible drive coupling that goes between the shaft and transmission wasn’t in stock at the manufacturer’s shop in Florida. They’re making it now, and will ship it tomorrow.

Assuming it won’t arrive until late Thursday or early Friday, the crew at the boatyard will be going home for the weekend before the job can be completed.

In other words, if we drive up there now we’ll be sleeping on the boat, in the boatyard, until at least Monday.

Barring some miracle that gets the part to the shop by Thursday, we’ll be extending our stay back home until the weekend.

Interesting tidbit: Note that the new transmission, which is technically called a “reduction gear”, is blue. The rebuild shop knew we had Perkins engines, and Perkins engines came from the factory painted blue. So it was a nice touch, painting it to match the engines.

However, some previous owner apparently decided they didn’t like blue engines, and re-painted ours white.

Fortunately, where these things live, there’s not much need for everything to match.