Past Cap Gaspé

Monday, July 4th

July 4th is just another Monday here in Canada, no fireworks.

Today we passed Cap Gaspé and turned South. The Eastern side of this tip of the Gaspé peninsula is absolutely spectacular. Towering cliffs plunge into the water along this narrow spit of land.

Cap Gaspe Cliffs

After rounding the tip of the Cap (Cape) we backtracked North along the West side of the Cap into Baie de Gaspé (Gaspé Bay) and to the marina at the town of Gaspé.
Rounding Cap Gaspe

For the first time in a while, we overheard English being spoken occasionally in the stores and along the docks, and the marina staff is all conversant. This is also a provisioning stop for us, with a fuel dock, and an IGA supermarket and Canadian Tire store just up the hill. Canadian Tire is unique; much more than just an auto supply and service store, with everything from clothing to sporting goods to home goods and much more. I was able to pick up a couple of gallons of spare engine oil, a mat I’ve been looking for to cover the engine room sole and a gas can to replace the one for our dinghy that I forgot at home.

Gaspe Marina

This is where we part ways with our friends and interpreters from S/V Caribou, who are using this as a base for their summer cruising. We also ran into another sailboat we met earlier in the trip, Nord Sud (North South), a sail training vessel.

  • Miles traveled: 1149
  • Engine Hours: 164.6