Sailing Vessel Cygnus

Wednesday, August 24th

Another early morning. We had 41 miles to go from the Inner Seal Bay anchorage to one of our favorite stops, Boothbay Harbor.
Seal Bay Sunrise

The weather was perfect for running the Fox Islands Thoroughfare between North Haven and Vinylhaven islands, crossing West Penobscot Bay and navigating the Muscle Ridge Channel. The reason for the early departure became apparent as the wind slowly increased while we transited the open waters around Port Clyde, past Muscongus and Johns Bays and around Pemaquid Point and Linekin Neck.

We reached Booth Bay just as noticeable seas were building, and turned in toward Boothbay Harbor.

Again, it was nice to see a lot more recreational boats than prior years. But one thing hasn’t changed. Around harbors, there are always plenty of folks out for a day sail. Between harbors, it’s more common to see sailboats with bare masts, motoring.
Power Boat with a Mast

Our running joke (and technically correct, per the Navigation Rules) is to call this a “power boat with a stick.”

This got me thinking. Cygnus has a mast and a boom.
Cygnus' Mast and Boom

In theory, we could set a sail. Instead, we motor everywhere.

Just like so many cruising sailboats we see.

I’m thinking of changing the name of this site to “Sailing Vessel Cygnus.”

  • Miles traveled: 2156
  • Engine Hours: 308.4