Vinylhaven Island

Tuesday, August 23rd

At dawn, there was no sign of the rain and fog of the past couple of days.
Northeast Harbor

We got underway early for the 31 miles to Vinylhaven Island, where there are a number of good anchorages. Taking the inside route, we were in protected waters most of the way, although we did feel the Northwest wind building. This is more of a fall weather pattern, but any breeze off the shore, rather than off the ocean, means a smaller chance of heavy seas when cruising near the coast.

We stopped at Seal Bay, which is a long and irregular inlet with lots of spots along the way to anchor. We found a good place to drop the hook at the location known as “Inner Seal Bay.”
Seal Cove

Again today, we were struck by how many recreational boats were out and about. There is definitely a big increase over previous years. It looks like the improving economy, and especially the significantly lower fuel prices, have had an effect.

  • Miles traveled: 2108
  • Engine Hours: 301.7