Cape George, NS

Sunday, July 17th

The winds were calm so we decided to leave early and make a 57-mile run for George’s Bay. This avoided a lot of ports with less than stellar reviews, and put us in a good position to have some easier days ahead.
Amet Sound Sunrise

It was an uneventful day. Not much too see except the red cliffs as we passed land.
Red Cliffs, Cape George, NS

We’re at Ballantyne’s Cove, a man-made harbor just around the tip of Cape George. For the first time this trip, there was no space on the floating docks so we’re tied up to the wall like a fishing boat.
Ballantyne's Cove

Although lobster season is over for now, we noticed that some fishermen here use the bowed wooden traps that were common decades ago in New England
Wooden Bow Traps

We’re hoping tomorrow will be a shorter trip. And a longer post.

  • Miles traveled: 1497
  • Engine Hours: 213.0

2 thoughts on “Cape George, NS”

  1. Hey! Love reading the posts. Are you guys planning on visiting Newfoundland/Labrador, or is the plan to go around Cape Breton and along Nova Scotia?

    1. Newfoundland is out. Not only would it take too long, but our insurance wouldn’t cover it. We just passed through the Canso lock where Cape Breton Island is almost (but not quite) attached to the mainland of Nova Scotia. Originally, we thought we might get up into Bras d’Or Lake, but doing so would force us to rush through the Eastern Nova Scotia and Maine coasts. Something we’d rather not do with just a month and a half left before the winds of September start becoming a factor.

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