Halifax, Day 2

Wednesday, July 27th

The fog started to lift around 10 AM local time, and the wharves started filling up with people. There’s a Busker Festival here on the waterfront starting today. And yes, we had to look up what a “Busker” was, too. Apparently they’re street performers.

We’re at Bishop’s Landing Wharf, the first one upriver from the cruise ship terminal. In between that terminal and our dock are now two more mega-yachts, in addition to the three or four that were here already. In the background of this picture, the yacht on the outside is named Wheels, a 164-footer.
Bishop's Wharf

That white boat in the foreground is “Wheels II”, their tender. It has four, 400-HP outboards.

You can also see the lightpoles on the wharf. Here’s a closer look:
Light Posts
I guess this is what happens when you outsource your lighting installations to the lowest bidder. Or maybe it’s the heat. Then again, this IS a big party town. Maybe these lightpoles just had a rough night.

On the wharves farther North, the crowds get even thicker and there’s a carnival atmosphere, with vendors and booths of every kind lining the boardwalk and throughout every park and open area along the way.
Busker Festival
Busker Festival

Not all the action is North of here. Just steps off the dock we found Chalkmaster Dave, a 3-D Street Artist:
3-D Sidwalk Art

From another angle, it’s just random lines:
3D Street Art

We’re going to miss Halifax. We’re hoping to anchor out tomorrow night, and as usual, we’re not sure we’ll have cell service. It’s almost certain there’ll be no Wi-Fi. There aren’t many big cities left between here and home, and Maine is nowhere near as wired as Canada has proven to be, so this may be the norm for a while.

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