Tuesday, July 26th

Today’s milestone was reaching Halifax, the (almost) half-way point of Atlantic Nova Scotia.

The sea conditions remain unchanged. No huge waves, just confused, lumpy and generally unpleasant chop that tosses us around like a cork on the water. We also had fog. Visibility was 100 yards for much of the day. And frequent rain showers. All in all, about what we’ve come to expect from this coast.

The fog started to lift as we approached Halifax, and we got our first glimpse of the skyline, and for that matter, the sky, a few miles out.
First Sight of Halifax

We were told our dock for the night was just past George’s Island. As we got closer, we noticed another boat already tied up in that area, at the next wharf downriver (far right, in this picture.)
Halifax Waterfront

Who is this new neighbor?

There’s really only one boat afloat with that profile.
QM2 Bow

It’s nice to see the QM2 again. I might stroll down to the next wharf later and see if the captain wants to chat with his new dock mates.

And if not, Halifax is still a great place to walk around after being on what I’ve taken to calling “The Desolation Coast” for so long. We’re tied up just a few feet from a busy waterfront park, hundreds of people walking by. After where we’ve been, it’s a treat to see civilization.

Our original plans of making this a one-night stop are out the window. The weather forecast looks reasonable for the next several days, so we’re not seeing the need to rush out of here just yet. We’ve tentatively reserved here for two nights.

Update, 6:00 PM Atlantic Daylight Time:
Well, the captain couldn’t hang around and chat. He had to turn his ship around and head back to Northampton, England. He has to be there by August 1st. I’ve always said, the worst thing you can have on a boat… is a schedule. We waved from the dock. I’m pretty sure I saw him stick his head out the bridge wing door and wave back.
QM2 and Cygnus

  • Miles traveled: 1708
  • Engine Hours: 244.0